Hylton Tannenbaum began shooting films when he was 10 years old, using his Dad’s Super 8mm film camera and casting his family, friends and pets in his movies. After graduating from WITS with a BA, and then from AAA with a post grad diploma in advertising, he realised his lifelong dream of studying filmmaking at The London Film School. While at film school Hylton won the prestigious Kodak Student Film award for best student commercial, launching his career as a director. Hylton has directed over 250 commercials, shooting for almost every South African ad agency and many international ones too. His work has won numerous awards over the years, most recently his CANSA Testi-monial’s campaign won 2 Silver Cannes Lions, a Silver Clio, and 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and a Bronze at the 2016 Loeries.

CANSA Testi-Monials ‘Darry’s Right Testicle’

CANSA Testi-Monials ‘Jabu’s Left Testicle’

CANSA Testi-Monials ‘Back To Normal’

Toyota Corolla ‘Love Driving’

BAR-ONE ‘The Fireman’

Toyota Hilux ‘Legend 45’

Toyota Etios Cross

Maynards ‘Juicy Kaboom!’

Drostdy-Hof ‘Pure Country Wines’

Edgars ‘Anxiety’

Liqui-Fruit ‘Nothing But You’

FORD ‘Tough Talk’

FORD ‘Duane’s House of Pain Ep.1’

FORD ‘Duane’s House of Pain Ep.2’

FORD ‘Tough Talk With Duane’

Chin Up! ‘The Lappie’ (Web Series)

Chin Up! ‘Tall Girls and Sanitary Pads’ (Web Series)

Chin Up! ‘This is Avant Garde!’ (Web Series)

MiWay ‘Freedom’

Cape Union Mart ‘Lion Cub’

Musica ‘Hotel Room’

Musica ‘Bowling’

Musica ‘The Bride’

McDonald’s ‘2010 World Cup’

Steers The Big 5

Steers Chicken Burger

Steers Rib Burger

Steers ‘King Steer’

Steers Nacho Burger

Vodacom ‘Reunion’

Cape Town Fish Market ‘Anchor’

Cape Town Fish Market ‘Snorkel’

Cape Town Fish Market ‘Speedboat’

KIA Sorento

KIA Sportage


The MMAD Guru ‘Karen Kaputnik’

The MMAD Guru ‘Mev Riviersonderend’

The MMAD Guru ‘Nedward Sullen’

The MMAD Guru ‘Hotmoves Tshabalalah’

The MMAD Guru ‘Brad Lowenstein’