Riordan Allen is a filmmaker whose curiosity, imagination, and empathy inform the narrative of his work. Born in Namibia and raised in South Africa, his love and appreciation for both countries are integral to his view of the world. Growing up in the embrace of different communities is reflected in his stories, this sense of community and depth of human spirit are at the core of his inspiration. His work endeavours to peel away misconceptions and reveal the authentic, unexplored elements of what makes us human.

The visual narratives he builds focus on the raw beauty of his subject, avoiding superfluous theatrics that often detracts from conveying the substance of a story. Emotion and character make his work compelling, with a firm grasp on the importance of the relationship between audience and subject, Riordan paid someone to write this biography about him.

WINDHOEK ‘Come With’

Checkers ‘Act For The Planet’

Sasko ‘A love letter you can eat’

Shoprite ‘The Promise’

Namibia Breweries Limited ‘Daughter’

Ackermans ‘Move and be Moved’

Carling Black Label ‘Raising Champions’

Ford Ranger ‘The wedding’

Checkers ‘Little Checkers’

Castle Lite ‘The Cold Table’

South African Reserve Bank ‘Brothers’

KFC ‘A quiet place’

Ackermans ‘The Spring Collection’

Black Label ‘No Excuse’

Bob Loves Dylan ‘Stelth Ulvang’ (From The Lumineers)

Eskom Chic ‘I got dressed In the dark’