Simon graduated from University with a degree in photography and so began a life of shooting, travelling and exploring. Simon’s distinct visual approach gives his work a rich texture that immerses you in the emotion of the story. His easygoing personality and an excellent grasp of advertising has ensured that he is constantly in demand in many different markets the world over. His gender-breaking ‘Labels Against Women’ spot for Pantene won a Bronze Cannes Film Lion and got over 55 million hits on YouTube.

Toyota C-HR ‘Internet Approved’

FutureLife ‘Brand TVC’

Johnsons ‘A Beautiful Life’

Ernst & Young ‘Unseen Hand’

Pantene ‘Labels Against Women’

Orange ‘Happy Faces’

Coca-Cola ‘Wayne Rooney’

Trident ‘Do You Play?’

TCS ‘By My Side’

Playstation 3 ‘Light Painting’

Ariel ‘Bottles’

Sainsbury’s ‘Jamie Oliver’

Pond’s ‘Ocean’

WAG ‘Carbon Footprint’

ITV Drama Promo