Aadil’s love for films started at an early age, six months old to be precise, when his parents took him with to an “Indian/Asian Only” Bioscope (those were in the dark days of South Africa). He’s been obsessed with movies ever since. Growing up as a mixed-race kid in a backward rural town in KZN has given Aadil a unique perspective and eye on South African culture and life, which informs much of his work. He qualified as a Psychologist in 2005, but decided to try his hand at advertising, and went on to become an award-winning copywriter, working at some of the best ad agencies in SA. At the end of 2015, he felt it was finally time to pursue his dream of directing and joined Bioscope Films. He has since shot work for Hunter’s Dry, Klipdrift Brandy, The City of Cape Town, and the Heinz Food Group.

Mama’s Pies ‘Pies Of The World’

Hunter’s Party Prep ‘Limbo’

Hunter’s Party Prep ‘Pineapple’

Hunter’s Party Prep ‘Sandcastle’

Klipdrift NGQ ‘Idea 1’

Klipdrift NGQ ‘Idea 2’

Klipdrift NGQ ‘Idea 3’

City of Cape Town ‘Houses’

City of Cape Town ‘Forest’