Fausto, much like his artistic namesake, is intensely passionate. He lives for filmmaking, photography, music, travel and adventure. Over the years that he has been directing, a distinct aesthetic has emerged in his work. Along with getting authentic performances out of actors, he is particularly skilled at pairing striking cinematic visuals with emotive music crafting pictures that pulse to a beat. When he’s not directing, Fausto’s other passion, photography, has seen him build up a formidable portfolio of stills – exhibited and sold in galleries and showcased online.

Castle Milk Stout ‘Get It Back’


Hunter’s Dry ‘Global Love’

Stimorol ‘Enjoy Every Chew’

Montego ‘Heroic Tails’

The Voice ‘Mechanic’

The Voice ‘Student’

Nissan ‘Piggy In The Middle’

Alice Phoebe Lou ‘Society’ (Music Video)

Shadowclub ‘Dirt And The Rubble’ (Music Video)

Spoek Mathambo ‘Awfuni’ (Music Video)